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to the website of Nora Heidborn’s practice for chiropractic and osteopathy.

My practice has been located in the bright rooms of Physio Sports. There I offer you a wide range of competent and qualified treatment options, whether in infancy, childhood or adulthood.


As a freelance chiropractor and osteopath I have been working with pregnant women, babies, children and adults since 2009, first in different practices in the Rhein Main area and since the beginning of 2015 in Hamburg.

At the end of 2020, I successfully completed a two-year training in American Chiropractic, which has given me a deeper understanding of the body.

I am a non-medical practitioner, chiropractor, state-approved osteopath (WPO Osteo, Hessen) and member of the Verband der Osteopathen Deutschland.

Professional career (in german)


I work chiropractically and osteopathically in classical medical areas, partly complementary to orthodox medicine.


In addition to eliminating acute pain during pregnancy, the aim of the treatment is to align the body and achieve sufficient mobility and blood circulation in the uterus, pelvis and sacrum and coccyx. This creates the best possible conditions for the development of the child and the birth. Assistance can also be given in the case of pelvic end positions. Complaints arising after pregnancy and caesarean section can also be treated.


„The branch grows as it is bent“, W.G. Sutherland already observed. Thus, a skull asymmetry that has existed since birth can be reflected as a pattern throughout the body and remain as the child grows up. Even a tiny disturbance, e.g. at the transition from the occipital bone to the first cervical vertebra, can have effects on the entire body – from digestive disorders to Skoliose (spinal curvature) and postural asymmetries. The sooner such tension patterns are treated in children, the earlier the condition for healthy adolescence.


My services are conceived as an accompanying support to conventional medicine, but do not replace it. Chiropractic and osteopathy can be applied in the following medical areas:

  • In the orthopaedic field (concerning the musculoskeletal system).
  • In the internal medicine field (concerning the digestive organs, the lungs and the heart),
  • in the ear, nose, throat and jaw area
  • In the urogential or gynaecological field
  • In the neurological field (symptoms such as tingling and other paraesthesias, hands falling asleep, dizziness)
  • In the field of pain therapy and psychotherapy


Chiropractic and osteopathy offer helpful support for those wishing to have children in both women and men. Special attention is given to the uterus and urogenital system. In addition, neurohormonal and neurovegetative supportive work can be done at the level of the craniosacral and visceral systems, thus positively influencing fertility.


Treatment can be used for preventive as well as curative purposes.

The first treatment appointment includes a thorough assessment based on a detailed anamnesis and a specific palpatory examination of your body. In order to obtain an overall picture of the patient, not only the current condition of the body is important for the anamnesis, but also, for example, operations, accidents and falls which have taken place in the past. Individual symptoms are always related to the whole body in chiropractic and osteopathy.

Follow-up appointments are shorter than the first treatment appointment.


One treatment costs between 75-150€. The price refers to a session and not to a unit of time.

The first appointment costs 150,00 €.

The prerequisite for a corresponding reimbursement is a qualified training of the therapist. I meet the quality standards required by the Association of Osteopaths Germany (VOD) and the health insurance companies.


Reliable appointment scheduling is very important to me in the interest of all patients. Therefore, I ask you to cancel appointments that you cannot keep at least 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, I reserve the right to charge you privately for the missed appointment. I ask for your understanding for this measure.

Patients with health insurance

The first appointment costs €150.00.

Follow-up appointments are €75.00-95.00 for patients with statutory health insurance. From the second appointment onwards, there is the option of purchasing a 10-treatment card (10 sessions at €65.00) or a 20-treatment card (20 sessions at €55.00).

The reimbursement of osteopathic treatment costs for patients with health insurance depends on the respective health insurance. Please enquire in advance with your health insurance company. For reimbursement, some insurances require a doctor’s letter of recommendation with a diagnosis, which must be issued before treatment. Patients with statutory health insurance also have the option of taking out private supplementary insurance for non-medical practitioners. The resulting reimbursement depends on the tariff you have chosen.

Private patients

The first appointment costs 150,00€.

Follow-up appointments are €87.00-105.00.

Patients who are insured with a private health insurance company are usually reimbursed on a pro-rata basis according to the fee schedule for alternative practitioners (GebüH). This depends on the tariff chosen by your private health insurance company.

You will receive a non-medical practitioner’s bill for the osteopathic treatments, which you will initially pay yourself. For reimbursement of the corresponding share, you submit the invoice together with the doctor’s letter of recommendation to your health insurance company.


To make an appointment or if you have any questions, please contact me via the contact form. You are also welcome to give me your telephone number or call me personally to make an appointment.

Nora Heidborn
Chiropractor, Osteopath & Naturopath

since May 2022:
Eidelstedter Weg 22, 20255 Hamburg

0159 / 03891094

praxis [at] noraheidborn.de

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